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Is it Good to Have Rituals for Dogs Especially for Leaving and Arriving Home?

I am sure every person whom has owned or been around dogs has a story to tell of how awesome at telling time their dogs appeared to be. They could have tales of dogs predicting how people were arriving at certain times or leaving to go out and with all manner and types of obvious reactions. These same dogs would notice owners putting on certain types of clothing or shoes with fairly non responsive to leaving for work reaction which is totally different to the one a pair of runners or shoes that are used for dog outings evoked. The reaction and excitement that certain behaviours of people preparing for dog related outings instigates is much more obvious to people whom have well-adjusted and n

Why it is Not a Good Practice To Leave Your Toys With Your Dog?

Having come from a couple of decades plus of training detection dogs that are trained mostly on all play and tug motivation, it is easy to tell you that there are several reasons why we don’t leave our toys with our dogs. We call the things that our dogs love the most whether it be food or balls, kongs, squeeky’s, fluffy’s, frisbee’s, rope or any type of toy these would be known as their primary motivator. Many a great detection dog has had an emergency trip of to the vet to try to deal with an ingested toy or especially parts of said toys. Since my earliest foray into detection dogs all my teachers had on many occasions mentioned motivator or part motivator ingestion and knowing people whom

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