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Dog Trainer - Training Courses

We have trained many students in Obedience Instruction, Puppy Kindergarten Instruction, Tracking for Law Enforcement or Search and Rescue, Mantrailing for lost persons or criminal work, Cadaver Recovery. Chemical Residue Detection, Security Patrol, Drug and elicit substance detection. Police Service Dog Patrol, Assistance and Service Dog Training and Dog Temperament and Behaviour.

We also have been involved in lecturing for College and University courses for the past 25 years, and training Council Animal Management Officers and Inspectors for many Councils Australia wide. We have conducted Specialist Dog Training courses in the U.S.A and teaching Dog Training students in Japan as well as most States of Australia.  Please discuss your training needs with us as we can also custom build courses for your specific needs. 

Annual Two Week Training Course 

Each year we conduct a two week trainers course where we teach the structure of how to run group obedience classes and private lessons. Naturally to be able to provide instruction to clients, you must have a basic understanding of canine behaviour so we ensure that as a student on this course you will get a lot of hands on training with many different dogs so that you have the ability to deal with a myriad of different behaviours. 

We even work with a variety of rescue dogs so that you have to handle a lot of different dogs that have been displaced or re-homed hence they may have differing degrees of special needs as far as training goes. 

We feel that by handling these dogs you will get a greater appreciation of how diverse the canine psyche is and a more realistic hands on approach that you can judge the results for yourself rather than somebody telling you - not to mention the fact you will enhance these dog's abilities and lives and improve the chance of being able to be re-homed! 

This is non-accreted training, but this is the hands on training course that our team of trainers all complete when commencing training with us. This is all extremely hands on practical course. 

Please contacts us for more information on this course. 

International Students 

Craig A. Murray Dog Training has had a long term involvement in training overseas students. In 1994, we ran a 21 day course for specialist cadaver recovery dog handlers in the USA. Since the year 2000, we have travelled to Japan once or twice a year to lecture in colleges. Through our partnership with University of Queensland, we also have Japanese students from Universities and Colleges visit us for training. We custom build courses to suit the needs of the individual or you can attend a group training course on a variety of training fields. To date we have had many students attend from Cyprus, England, USA, Japan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Korea.

Our customised training courses are for duration from one week to one year and sometimes home stays can be organised for the students. All training lessons are formatted to have both theory and practical components for easy comprehension. We utilise a very "hands on" approach to our training technique as we believe that the best eduction is taught with a practical approach. 

We have a variety of breeds of dogs that are available for training purposes and we make any litters that we breed available for psychological testing and also for practice of training techniques. Should we have a litter of puppies whilst the student is attending one of our courses, we invite the student/s to attend the birth should they wish. 

Language is not a huge barrier for us as we have taught many Japanese students with very limited English skills. Because of our hands-on approach to our training, should there be any confusion from the students, we will practice on the field until the student is competent with the method demonstrated. 

We believe that when we have international students attending our courses, it is our responsibility to ensure that they learn to their highest capabilities whilst having a fun and enjoyable stay in Australia. 


Seminars and Workshops

We have been involved in providing custom built seminars and workshops since the early 1900's. We have provided these for Government Organisations, Dog Clubs, Universities, Colleges, Private Corporations, Dog Enthusiasts and Specialist Dog Handlers. Feel free to email us with any enquiries for this service. 

Various Councils around Australia contact us to provide public education workshops on subjects such as barking dogs, dog aggression, shaping canine behaviour, using motivators to shape behaviour, social structure for the family pet etc. If you work for Council and wish to provide these or other workshops for your community please contact us for more details. These workshops and seminars are highly accepted by the community, and are seen as an exceptional way for local Government to enhance their public image and social standing with their community. 

2017 - Instructors Course
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