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Termite Detection Dog 

Craig and Tracey were contacted by a pest management company in South Australia. The general manager told them of having again several well known dog trainers supply them trained detection dogs to help their termite eradication business. He had actually sent 2 back due to poor performance straight from delivery and a third never eventuated after over one year of promises and hope from his part, with all sorts of excuses such as the dog died just as it was nearly ready.


Craig and Tracey did a contract with this company and accessed a best candidate dog that was a cocker spaniel. Craig trained him to work both on and of lead internal and external searches and systematic search patterns. he was trained on the most common types of destructive termites and he was then delivered to the company and a 2 week training program was delivered to the chosen handler. This dog has been successfully working with this company for a period of 6 plus years.


We are very proud of him and his work. He turned out to be a great dog and to think he was once sitting in a pound and his future could have been bleak, but he has shown that some dogs are capable of far greater than most people ever imagine.

Craig A. Murray Termite Detection Dog
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