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  • Why don't we offer a lifetime guarntee for our dog training ?
    Our reasons for not offering a lifetime guarantee is as follows. We know of so many dog training companies that already offer this and we still have so many people report that even although this is supposedly offered they are not having any joy. This is for 2 main reasons the 1st being that the company is not successful in fixing the issues and the client believes it is waisted time and they would preference to get another trainer even if it costs more money. The 2nd reason is that they have requested help and not been able to actually get the companies to commit other than phone conversation if even that occurs. My personal feeling is that I would only offer a lifetime guarantee if I could be guaranteed by the client that they will follow all instructions 100 percent without variation or modification or drop of of commitment. I do not believe that people will do this especially when they have been induced by a lifetime guarantee that they feel does not require their full and realistic commitment. I feel that if it sounds too good to be true it is truly too good to be true. So if you are inclined to try this path good luck be with you!
  • Do we offer free puppy classes ?
    We do not offer free puppy kinder classes as we have worked very hard and have been market leaders for a very long time and believe that we have truly earned our reputation. We feel that to offer free puppy kinder classes is to show that we dont think much of ourselves or our perspective clients ability to make good or correct decisions on their puppy's future, rather we were just the cheapest or most willing to prostitute our reputation or believe that this is a good and honest marketing ploy.
  • Do we offer a payment plan for our services ?
    Generally we do not offer a payment plan as we are not a financial institution but rather long term professional dog trainers whom offer great service and honesty with advice and techniques that deliver what we state, not catchy marketing ploys that overstate and under deliver.
  • Will Craig A. Murray himself be personally training my dog ?
    Generally for family pets or pet market training Craig will not be your trainer, but he has personally picked his instructors and they do not get to buy into a position they are picked and trained on their abilities, morals and ethics. Craig's team have regular upgrade training and are able to draw on both Craig and Tracey's vast and varied experience to offer the best available help to our clients.
  • Do we train protection dog training for the general public ?
    No Generally we do not offer protection dog training to the general public. We require people whom would want this type of training to have both justification and the means and desire to maintain their dogs at an extremely high level of social attitude and working ability. You do not see the police or military giving out their old nd outdated weapons as this would be unethical and very dangerous. So we do have a registered training organisation and can offer this service to those that truly qualify only.
  • I was told by one of your trainers that they weren’t able to help me with my dog!
    We are dog trainers not magicians and not all problems are able to be fixed! You may have a dog that has had a lot of repetitions of rehearsing an unwanted behaviour over a very long period of time or for some reason we could be fighting against genetics when trying to change behaviour. If we feel we can’t help you to ‘fix’ your dog, we may advise you that we can help you to identify the best way to manage your dog. Another option could be that we refer you across to another professional that may be more suited to your needs. We hope if we do need to advise you that we are not able to assist you, that you understand that we are being honest and trying to save you money and heartache that we could have taken and not got you your desired results. Sometimes our honesty to clients is not appreciated as you may not be hearing what you wish to hear but as professionals we state our true skill set. We never intend to insult or upset but we are honestly trying not to take your money for a result that we can’t give you and we hope that this would gain us your respect for this position.


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