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Electric Ant Detection Dog 

Electric ants are one of the most invasive species on the planet. They are decimating South Pacific islands and causing huge impacts on human lifestyle and economies. They pose a significant health risk to humans and livestock.


They were found in far north Qld and Biosecurity qld and the federal government have embarked on an eradication program, Craig A. Murray was asked to develop a world 1st detection dog program to target the electric ant.


At present we have trained 3 dogs which have all been independently validated and have been working for several years with great success. Due to us being the only people to be successful with electric ant detection dogs anywhere in the world, to date we have received interest from other country's wishing to gain our support in building programs to deal with this pest.


Electric ants are known as tramp ants which signifies they are mostly spread by human movement pathways and are extremely adaptable and can out compete our native ants easily. Our first electric ant detection dog just retired from active service recently at approximately 9 years of age.

Ofira - Worlds First Electic Ant Detection Dog
Craig Working Ofira
Electric Ant Detection Dogs
Craig A. Murray and Ofira
Electric Ants

In 2014 Craig & Tracey were requested to visit Hawaii to consult on the use of detection dogs for the identification of Electric Ant infestations. Electric Ants are known as the Little Fire Ant or LFA in Hawaii.

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