Puppy Class

(8 - 16 weeks of age)

Puppy school at Craig A. Murray Dogschool is the foundation to all the training that you will do with your dog. It is actually the foundation to having a well socialized and highly adaptable family pet that copes with the majority of new situations and environments that it will encounter

throughout it’s life.

Puppy school with Craig A Murray is not a formal obedience class as your puppy is not at the

developmental stage in its life to be learning at that level.  It should be a time

where you teach your puppy to have nice interaction with it’s peers, older dogs, people

and different environmental effects such as strange noises, different lighting, unusual

situations etc.  By teaching your puppy at this stage to accept new things, it will be very adaptable to everyday life.

Puppy school is also as much for the owner as it is for the puppy.  If our team of Dog School trainers can give you sound training techniques from the start of your relationship, you will enjoy the relationship with your puppy as it grows into an adult dog as you will have set good boundaries for the dog to understand therefore having a well rounded nicely behaved family pet.

Many people leave it too late to set the rules of the relationship with their puppy as when they are little and cute, they just want to love the puppy and not think about the future too much.  Many of the behaviours that people want to change in their adult dog have stemmed from poor habits from the time they first acquired their dog as a young pup.  Jumping up on people is a prime example of a behaviour that can easily be avoided if taught correctly as a very young puppy.  This is only one of many behaviours that we cover in our dog school puppy class. 

Come along to one of our Craig A. Murray Dogschool classes and let us teach you the skills needed to have a long lasting and loving relationship with your dog.  You don’t have to be horrible to set some rules, you just need to know how to shape nice behaviour in your new puppy so that you don’t struggle as the puppy starts to mature.

Puppy School Locations

Puppy School Beenleigh (Currently Unavailble)
James St Vet Hospital

13 James Street, Beenleigh 

Instructor:  Emma Arnold

Mobile:  0447 536 205

Email: emma@dogschool.com.au

Class Day: Sunday Morning

Puppy School Chuwar
Karalee Karana Vet Surgery

304 Mount Crosby Rd, Chuwar QLD 4306

Instructor:  Cass Dark

Mobile:  0478 107 403

Email: cass@dogschool.com.au

Class Day: Tuesday Evening

Puppy School Mount Isa
Mount Isa Veterinary Surgery

Cnr Ryan Rd & Barnes St, QLD 4825

Instructor: Pauline McLeod

Mobile:  0438 371 853

Email: pauline@dogschool.com.au 

Class Day: Saturday Day

Puppy School Redland Bay (Currently Unavailble)
Vet Happiness

3 Marine Street, Redland Bay

Instructor:  Tracey Murray

Mobile:  0400 741 660

Email: tracey@dogschool.com.au

Class Day: Saturday Morning

Puppy School Springfield Lakes
My Vet Springfield

10/1 Springfield Lakes Blvd, Springfield Lakes

Instructor:  Cass Dark

Mobile:  0478 107 403

Email: cass@dogschool.com.au

Class Day: Thursday Night

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