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Dog Behavioural Training for Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Beyond

You’ll be surprised how quickly and easily a dog behavioural problem can be solved - the majority with only one consultation with a Craig A. Murray Dog School trainer. One of our dog school trainers will come to your home and take you and your dog through an intensive private dog behavioural training program. This will identify why the problem has happened and how to remould the dog’s unwanted patterns into positive lessons, that can then be rewarded to reshape wanted behaviours. These dog behavioural training sessions can take anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours, and our behaviourists service Brisbane, the Gold Coast and surrounding areas.


There is a more substantial amount of work to be done with a multiple dog family as not only are we targeting each individual dog’s problems, but also working on pack order within the family and the dogs, so we will need to spend longer with you and your dog's.


At Craig A. Murray Dog School we do not believe in giving you solutions to mask the unwanted behaviours, it is far better to be able to identify the problem so that the correct learning patterns can be instilled into your dog’s mind. This consultation consists of both theory and practical components. Below are just a few of the dog problems that can be solved through behaviour modification consultations.

For more information please contact Craig A Murray Dog School on 07 3200 5421 or Book Now.

Dog Behavioural Issues - Craig A. Murray Dog Training
Dog Behavioural Issues - Craig A. Murray Dog Training

Private Dog Training Lessons with An Experienced Dog Behaviourist

One on One with You And Your Dog And A Dog School Trainer

We now offer dog and puppy owners what we term as 'structure lessons' in the family home across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and surrounding locations. This is where one of our Craig A. Murray trained behaviourist instructors will personally attend your home and view you and your family with your pup or dog. This allows us to observe and identify any behaviour problems or behaviours that can lead to upcoming problems such as nuisance or aggression or even fear or any undesirable behaviours.

Once we have observed and seen how you interact and the dog's normal behaviour, we can then explain to you and your family what are your good and desirable behaviours you should reward your dog for doing and we explain and demonstrate how this works. We also point out the totally undesirable behaviours and the not so desirable behaviour and then we explain how to diminish these and also demonstrate so you see that it is absolutely possible with your own eyes.  We explain about dog psychology, temperament and behaviour principles. We will educate you in how dogs think and how smart they are and the types of things that drive or motivate your dog. We also teach a myriad of control, calming and training techniques that will help you gain a great pet and companion that is a pleasure to own and reduce the stress and work necessary.

Structure classes are the step before full behaviour clinics and will fix relationship problems

and minor behaviour problems.

When it comes to behavioural training, we encourage the maximum amount of family members to be present so they can demonstrate and enquire regarding individual behaviours the dog does with each family member.  This also allows us to ensure the greater number of the family members are all on the same page and are equipped with the same methodology hence greatly enhancing the success rates of the dog and family relationships.

Contact Our Dog Behaviourist Team – We Service Brisbane, The Gold Coast and Surrounds

Meet our Trainer Keegan.

Keegan has been with Craig A Murray Dog Training for over 2 years.  His journey began when he was trying to find solutions that would actually help him with his own dog.  He was so committed and showed a passion and genuine interest in making a difference so he was selected to join our team.  Keegan is happy to help you with your dog problems or even just to enhance your current relationship with your dog.  He is currently servicing Gold Coast, Logan, Redland Bay and South Brisbane area for private behaviour consultations.  You can also work with Keegan at his group training location of Palm Beach and Ormiston.  

If you wish to book a one on one dog structure lesson, please call head office on 3200 5421 or 0400 741 660 so we can arrange a convenient and suitable time for you.

Don’t have time to attend one of our group obedience dog training classes? We can also customise a private dog training lesson to suit you and your dog and what training you would like to get your dog learn.

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