Dog Manners Class

(Dogs over 16 weeks)

The Dog Manners Course has been designed for puppies over 16 weeks of age and dogs of all ages.  It specifically targets shaping nice behaviour patterns and can help to keep the education process happening for dogs and their owners.


The Manners Course is designed to be teaching owners how to lift their level of interaction to have more engagement and control around the home and outside environments from your Dog.  Mat training is one of the main attractions for Dog owners to attend. 


Any other dog that may have missed puppy training will still find this course very beneficial with information to start setting boundaries to ensure clear communication to the dog.  Older dogs that may have required a private lesson to teach basic manners can now gain the advantage of doing a course under distraction whilst learning new skills.


In our Craig A. Murray dog school manners class we start to ask more from the dogs and also start to set more rules around the home such as setting up mental barriers to teach the dog areas that may be off limits to them.  We also teach them not to rush out the gate etc. for safety purposes. 


Other training exercises taught are ‘wait’ commands, how to shape nice retrieves with your dog, how to stop your dog jumping up on you or your guests, and mat training where the dog is taught to stay within the boundary of a mat and to make itself calm and comfortable to promote stable behaviour.  


This class allows us to have an excellent opportunity to continue down the path to a well behaved, calm and confident dog as it heads into maturity and to remind those older dogs how it should be behaving.  


Dog Manners Class Coomera (Currently Unavailble)
Coomera State School

Dreamworld Parkway, Coomera

Instructor:  Emma Arnold

Mobile:  0732005421


Class Day: Sunday

Dog Manners Class Logan (Crestmead) -
St Francis College

64 Julie Street, Crestmead

Instructor:  Tracey Murray

Mobile:  0400 741 660


Class Day: Sunday Day

Dog Manners Class Mount Isa

Spinifex State College

145-163 Abel Smith Parade, Pioneer 

Instructor:  Pauline McLeod

Mobile:  0438 371 853


Class Day: Tuesday Afternoon

Dog Manners Class Ormiston
Ormiston State School

82-110 Gordon Street, Ormiston

Instructor:  Tracey Murray

Mobile:  0400 741 660


Class Day: Saturday Day

Dog Manners Class Palm Beach/ Currumbin -(Currently Unavailble)
PBC High School

Thrower Drive, Palm Beach

Instructor:  Tameka Mallon

Mobile:  0401-596-376


Class Day: Saturday Day

Dog Manners Class Redbank Plains -
Redbank Plains High

136 Willow Road, Redbank Plains

Instructor:  Cass Dark

Mobile:  0478 107 403


Class Day: Saturday Day

Dog Manners Class Tweed Heads South - (Currently Unavailble)
Doggie Distractions

Tweed Heads South

Instructor:  Tameka Mallon

Mobile:  0401-596-376


Class Day: Wednesday Night

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