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Patrol Dogs

In 1991 Craig attended the West Virginia Canine college to do a 600 hr professional dog trainers course which had curriculum in sporting dogs, personal protection dogs and a 2 week police dog course.  Craig also worked on a 600 hr police dog course whilst there and was the agitator or police body bite suit man, during this time he assisted in the training of over 1 dozen police dogs that were sold all over the USA to police depts and he was involved in assisting in training the dog squad officers whom were partnered with these dogs.


Before Craig's American education he had trained many security dogs here in Australia. Craig has always believed a well trained police or protection dog should be a totally social animal that is clear in mind and has a great social outlook, this is evedinced as far back as the mid 80's when we had several newspaper articles stating and showing this belief, and there are several YouTube videos on our channel as far back as early 90's showing this in large crowds.


Tracey and Craig were employed by Sanctuary Cove in the 90's to build and run a private police dog team that ran for 9 years without incident, this even ended up with us living on site and being on call 24hrs. They have also worked for 5 states police as specialists and sold police dogs to several police depts.


Due to the high need for ongoing maintenance and dedication to task, we do not train and sell protection or police dogs to the general public. We will only enter into a police dog training situation with people whom understand and are capable of keeping high standards and have the need and resources to do so.

Craig A. Murray and Patrol Dog

At the end of 2013, Craig and Tracey Murray and their business partners successfully passed their government audit to become a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) - Dogs At Work

This RTO has been developed to provide nationally recognised Industry training for the Security Industry.  

Currently the courses on the Dogs At Work scope for Security Dog Handlers are as follows:

  • CPPSEC3010A Manage dogs for security functions

  • CPPSEC3011A Handle dogs for security patrol                      


These two units of competency are delivered together in a 4 day hands on training course at Logan Central. The course consists of one day theory, and three days on field with handling and training scenarios and of course practical assessments to ensure competency.


This is an accredited training course and will provide  the participant with relevant industry skills to successfully handle and manage their working security patrol dog.

Please contact for more information or to book in for this course.

Craig with Patrol Dog
Craig working Patrol Dog

Public Demonstration of a Patrol Dog - 1996

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