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Socialising Your Puppy

Exposing your puppy to new places, people, environments, pets and of course other dogs and puppies is the best foundation you can give them in order to gain confidence and understanding of this human world they now live in. It also teaches an aptitude for learning and decreases the likelihood of fears and phobias. No one would want their pets to be scared and afraid of the world, we want them to feel happy and safe, so how do we make that happen? Between the ages of 8-16 weeks you want to make sure your puppy is getting positive and fun experiences in lots of different places and around lots of different people in a safe and controlled space. You want to make sure they are not getting neg

What Group Class is Best For You!

As a Dog Trainer for Craig A. Murray Dog School, I am fortunate to see the constant improvements in the relationship between an owner and their dog. Working through a course together and learning new skills, exercises and abilities together as a team can have huge positive effects for building stronger engagement and a more harmonious relationship between the two. At our Craig A. Murray Dog School, we offer a range of different classes. Some classes are better suited than other depending on the priorities or requirements an owner may wish to start with. Puppy School Puppy School is primarily focused on socialising puppies between 8-16 weeks of age. Our course allows the puppies to learn h

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