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Dog Tricks Class

(Over 16weeks of age)

You can teach an old dog new tricks!  Tricks can be a fun thing to teach your dog but we see it as an important tool to gain engagement and get your dog working with you as a team player.  For dogs that show fearful behaviours, we can show you how to use trick training to your advantage to help build confidence.  For dogs that shutdown on their owners and disengage, trick training can be a valuable way for you to build your relationship with your dog and shape team building exercises.  For dogs that have high energy – why not focus that activity into trick training….its always fun to show off how clever your dog is!


Get the whole family involved.  This is a very social class where there are loads of laughs and support by all attendees.  An action-packed fun filled experience for you and your dog!


The classes run for 1 hour per lesson, and there are different levels of abilities.  Come along each week to learn new tricks and practice them throughout the week until the following class.  A great way to have some fun with your dog and build on your relationship together.

Dog doing Tricks
  Don’t forget to go to the ‘About Us’ page on this website if you would like to associate yourself with the Instructor for your area.


Tricks Locations
Dog Obedience Coomera Sunday - 
Coomera State School

Dreamworld Parkway, Coomera

Instructor:  Emma Arnold

Mobile:  0447 536 205


Class Day: Sunday Morning

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