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Roxanna Vasich

  • Office Manager 

Generally your first contact with the Craig A Murray Dog Training head office will be through myself.  I am  the daughter of Craig and Tracey Murray and have grown up with dogs all my life.  I will be happy to have a chat to ensure that you are directed to the trainer that is going to best suit your needs both through location and of course skill set. 


I am the Office Manager for Craig A. Murray dog training so my role is to implement all of the systems that it takes to ensure smooth processes for our clients.  On a daily basis I may be tending to our social media sites, upgrading the website, developing new software, assisting clients, contract manager and attending meetings with our partnering businesses.  


I started my working career employed as an administration officer for a veterinary drug and pet supply company.  I then decided to challenge myself by travelling and living in Europe in 2012.  After exhausting the travel bug, I returned to Australia to study Psychology and Human Resources whilst also taking a job in Melbourne working for TransUrban as a customer resolution specialist. 


After braving the cold Melbourne winters, I decided to return to sunny Queensland and got a team leader position with Allianz Insurance.  When I fell pregnant with my first child, the time came to consider my options for the future and returning to the family business became an attractive proposition.  I have been back ‘home’ with Craig A Murray Dog Training since 2015 and treasure my position working with the team and building a future for myself and my family.

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