Pauline McLeod

Pauline and Pep

Pauline with her Dogs

Hi there! Thank you for looking me up as part of the Craig A Murray Dog Training Team!

My name is Pauline McLeod and I have spent most of my life training animals with my parents who were horse trainers of different disciplines for over 30 years. Their success depended very much on their ability to train the horses and obtain results. Working with my parents has provided me with a foundation of understanding the training of not only horses but dogs and an array of domesticated animals.


Working with my parents for many years is where I discovered my love of animals and I have continued to train both horses and dogs since then. I became very interested in trick training dogs and then moved onto dog agility which has been both fun, rewarding and provided an opportunity to train dogs for competition. I trained for agility on the Gold Coast and then moved to Mount Isa and started Group Dog Training Classes and Private Dog Training Lessons for the community. 

I was then fortunate enough to cross paths with Craig and Tracey Murray through one of their training courses which has provided me with an opportunity to further my knowledge and skills. Craig and Tracey are two of the most honest and knowledgable dog trainers I have met to date. Using their knowledge I have now started Group Dog Training Classes and Private Dog Training Lessons in southern Gold Coast area and areas of Northern NSW. 

Training dogs is an undeniable passion of mine and I enjoy every minute of it and am grateful to be a part of the Craig A Murray Dog Training team.

Pep doing Agility

Pep doing Agility

Emma and Pauline (in murwillumbah) were amazing trainers.

Not only have they taught me the appropriate skills to teach my puppy Bailey basic obedience, but they have also given me the confidence to take Bailey out for walks and to meet my friends.
Emma and Pauline’s classes were fun, informative and a great environment for learning. They were both very encouraging and supportive, making me feel super confident to ask them any questions I had (no matter how silly they were).

For anyone out there looking for a well-priced basic obedience training program, I would highly recommend Emma and Pauline’s classes. Thank you so much ladies!

Jess Singh