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In-Kennel Dog Training

Are you time poor? Why not have your dog holiday with Craig A. Murray Dog School whilst learning their new training exercises.


This particular method of training is convenient for the owner that is continually out of town or just too busy to be able to attend any training with the dog.  Craig A. Murray Dog Training offer a twelve day stay where the dogs will learn basic obedience exercises and manners.

Our Dogschool trainers gain your permission to take your dog out into public to ensure that we also get them working nicely for you in highly distracting situations. This ensures that we train in a more realistic situation of what you will be encountering with your dog in your day to day environment.

In kennel training includes training, boarding and food fees, and a handler lesson upon pickup.  Mutually convenient times will be arranged for pick up so that the owner has the time to spend with us to ensure they understand all commands and interaction necessary to have a successful outcome. 


If the owner has questions, this enables us to answer them before the dog arrives back into it’s usual environment.  A handout of the training administered will also be given to the owner so they can be consistent with all commands taught.

Tracey teaching obedience
Lucy - Springer Spaniel
Craig and Patrol Dog


In Kennel Location

Gold Coast - Currently Unavailable 

Trainer is on Maternity Leave 

AAA Pet Resort - 420 Gold Coast Springbrook Rd, Mudgeeraba QLD 4213

Dog Mat Training
Call Head Office for More Information
(07) 3200-5421 or 0400-741-660
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