Dog Agility Training

(For dogs 10 months of age and older)

Do you live in Brisbane or the Gold Coast and want to do something with your dog that’s fun and assists in building a great relationship for you both? Then you should consider dog agility training!


Not quite sure what dog agility training includes? Let us explain!

Agility is a sport that requires you and your dog to be a team to complete a series of obstacles on a course. Agility requires you to run alongside your dog while instructing them to complete these

obstacles which can include:

  • Jumps

  • Weave poles (poles that your dog has to weave in and out of)

  • Dog walk (long elevated board that the dog runs up, over and down back to the ground)

  • A Frame (an A shaped obstacle that the dogs run up and over)

  • Broad jumps (a wider jump)

  • Tunnels (which can be straight or on a bend)


Why We Are Brisbane And the Gold Coast’s Top Choice in Dog Agility Training


In the agility training classes run by our dog school instructor Pauline, you will learn how to teach your dog to do all of these obstacles safely and effectively. We start right at the beginning and develop our skills each week. You can do this simply for fun for you and your dog, or you can even compete in competitions with your dog!

Foundation Class - 6 weeks.

Beginner Class - 6 weeks

Intermediate - Unlimited - The skills, obstacles and sequences get harder as you progress through the class.

Residents in Brisbane, The Gold Coast and Beyond, Try Our Dog Agility Training

Offering years of experience and dedication, our trainers at Craig A. Murray Dog School know how you work appropriately and effectively with a range of dogs. You can be confident that your dog will gain the required agility skills but also have a great time doing so!

Book online today or contact our team to learn more about the training we offer across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and surrounds, also well as our other services such as dog behaviour modifications, group obedience classes are much more.

Dog Jumping Pole - Agility
Dog doing Agility - Dogschool
Dog going through tunnel - Craig A. Murray Dogschool
Dog Jumping - Agility - Craig A Murray

Foundation Class - 6 weeks

Beginner Class - 6 weeks

Intermediate - Unlimited - The skills, obstacles and sequences get harder as you progress through the class. 


Brisbane - Currently Unavailable 

Instructor: Pauline McLeod

Mobile:  0438 371 853