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I have found all of the techniques and information learned at the classes to be absolutely fantastic. I practice the techniques everyday with my dog for around 20 -30 mins and have found he has responded really well.

Very impressed however I can see that it is all in the repetition of these techniques and making sure you are always applying the technique and without doing this success would not be as good. I am very impressed with the knowledge given and the explanations behind the technique and have already achieved major behaviour improvements and obedience in my dog in only a few short weeks. I will definitely continue to apply these techniques throughout the dogs life and would have no hesitation in taking part in further training or recommending to friends.

Steve Mitchell 

As first-time dog owners, we got a lot of advice from everyone we knew. After taking Buckley to Anthea's puppy pre-school, we've learnt from a much better source what we should and shouldn't be doing with our puppy.  Anthea has been such a huge help with everything! She's always been happy to answer questions no matter how weird they seem to us.

She's advised us on everything from behaviour to diet, and has never 'plugged' a particular brand. She's always been about the best outcome for us and our dog, rather than trying to sell us a product. We've already been raving about her to people, and we're going back for juvenile puppy class as well. We only wish that the classes were longer so that we could do more with her! Thanks Anthea, you really helped us!

Rob & Trish Jacoby  

We recently attended the Craig Murray classes run by Anthea Holmes and found her to be very informative and helpful with problems we had been experiencing with our dog.

I found Anthea to be incredibly knowledgable in all areas of training and behaviour and gave incredibly sound advise on dealing with a couple of problems in such a way it made changing behavioural issues quite easy and far less complicated then I had originally thought it might be. Thank you to Anthea and the Craig Murray team for running such beneficial and informative sessions. I highly recommend your training program.

Debbie - Gold Coast  

Hi All. As a first time dog owner, with a female rottweiler, I have found obedience classes very helpful and a must for all owner & pooch. The understanding and control I have gained from these classes have made owning a dog a very pleasurable experience for us both.

Jo Paterson  

Craig Murray Training has started our 2 young boxers on the right track! We will continue to work with the practices we have been coached in and time will give us the control. Our dogs were crazy now they respond to what was taught most of the time.


The last obedience training that I took a puppy to was 30 years ago. I was greatly impressed that the instructor was up to date with the most recent science of dog behaviour and the new aids available to assist us owners. The instructor also impressed me with her dedication and patience

Kevin Bell  

Had a great learning experience with the dog obedience lessons and Anthea. I learnt a lot about dog behaviour, what was best for my dog , how to train her and had fun as well.

Lisa and Lolly  

I found that the Obedience class was exceptional in all respects & recommend it most highly.

Walt Darmanin  

Craig and Tracey have such a brilliant understanding of how a dogs mind works; they spot potential problems before they have time to become major issues. Thanks to Craig and Tracey, I feel I understand my dogs, and am able to work with them more easily, and achieve fantastic results.

Dean and Kate Reid

I can highly recommend Craig and Tracey Murray in their professional careers and for always taking a sincere, honest interest in their clients and dogs. As such I have had no hesitation in recommending their services to others I feel could benefit from the high level of expertise that these people have to offer in their business. These people are amazing in their profession and also as friends.

Anita Jobse

Hi Anthea,

Just wanted to send a big Thank You for your recent advice  on how to deal with a “Protesting Dog”.  I emailed Tracey Murray my dilemma with a fostered Goldie from Golden Ark Rescue and she kindly asked you to respond.  Please pass  on my gratitude to Tracey too.  Your instructions were spot on and I am awe struck by the  little time it took for her to stop protesting ! She now enjoys long walks –  protest free!  Thanks so much for your help. I do appreciate your “free” advice in helping Golden Ark  Rescue and will be sending Golden Ark Rescue a $50 donation on behalf of your  help. Thanks!  This is a happy Abbie after one of her walks.

Julia Keith 

I just wanted to say thank you once again for the obedience class. You were wonderful. I never thought I would get over the rough patch with Millie but it was all worth it.  Thanks again - you are a gem!

Kristy Tunbridge & Millie 

Paulina and I (and Chilli) would like to express our extreme pleasure and gratitude towards the the staff at Craig A Murray, in particular Tracey, Mary-Clare and Shelley for their caring, understanding, personal and professional training skills for our "little man" Chilli. They are a credit to their profession and their training is of the highest quality and we would thoroughly recommend the team at Craig A Murray to anyone....

Thanks from Paul, Paulina and Chilli

Hi Anthea,

Just thought I would touch base with you and give you the update,  I am so glad I met you, Sophie is now the lovely natured dog I had hoped for.  I do understand it was my doing or not doing rather training wise,  but now she sits on the mat, in fact the other day I was upstairs and someone was knocking on the front door, she barked on the way down the stairs but by the time I got down she was quiet and sitting on the mat by herself.  We have not had any piddle on the floor at all, when I go to my Mums house she normally jumps up at Mum's dog Teds face and runs around, now I just take the mat and she sits down until I am ready to go home.

The greatest test was when my Grandson came over, I couldn't believe it that she sat on the mat and when I released her, I told Bailey to ignore her and sit still, she went and sat next to him quietly.  I have invited friends over and worded them up about the training and each time just sits on the mat.  My Mum thinks you have put some Velcro on it to keep her there.

Best money I have ever spent,

Many Thanks,
Kindest Regards,
Jo & Sophie 

A situation recently arose where my fiancée Cher, lost her 1 carat diamond engagement ring on an acreage block at a social gathering on a Saturday night. The ring not only held great sentimental value to the both of us, but was also “bloody expensive” Realising the ring had been lost; we searched the property thoroughly the next day with no success. When I thought about how we could find the ring, only one name came to mind, Craig Murray.

I had previously worked with Craig over ten years ago at Sanctuary Cove as part of a Security team and had witnessed first-hand the results Craig and his dogs were able to achieve in retrieving lost items. Cher contacted Craig and explained our predicament. Craig said he was only too happy to help. In the interim, we searched the property several times with a metal detector and had no success.

Craig came out to the property on the following Wednesday afternoon just on dusk and after a fair amount of rain with his dog Ash. Before the sun went down, Craig had the ring in his hand. In a short space of time, Craig and Ash had identified the area where Craig found the ring. It was truly amazing to watch Craig and Ash working as a team.

We will owe you one forever!!!!! :)… and ever! :)

With much respect and appreciation
Corey and Cher 

We recently put our little dachshund in for in kennel training with Anthea as we were having problems with her being re-active to other dogs on walks and with strangers approaching her. Since having Maggie back after her 2 week training stay, she is a different dog.

She nows follows her commands to sit on her mat and stay, she is great on her walks and all around seems happier and having less anxiety.

Most importantly we as owners have learnt about a number of things that we were doing wrong, and now we are aware we can continue to reinforce Anthea's excellent training.

We cannot recommend Anthea enough. She is truly amazing! Thank you very much!

- Jake and Britney  

Hi Sarah, just letting you know how thankful we are for helping us to meet the " real Albert "

Our gorgeous little cavoodle pup is like another dog thanks to you. Before you came Glenn & I were ready to give up on him, now he is toileting really well, crating well, really obedient and listening, so relaxed & loves to play, aggressive no more & going outside for long periods without protesting, makes no noise and is cheerful when we come home from work!

We are all so much more relaxed and loving Albert every day! Thanks again, kindest regards

- Anne and Glenn McConnell  

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