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Patrol Dogs - Specialist Dog Training

We have been involved in training Patrol Dogs for approximately 25 years now. We can produce basic Security Patrol Dogs that offer reliable handler protection whilst being sociable, well adjusted canine members of the community. These dogs will do apprehension work to a high level of handler safety whilst not causing undue liability and also being trustworthy in heavy crowd interactions. We can also produce dogs that can be trained up to international Police Patrol standards with the dogs being versed in tracking to locate lost and fleeing persons or evidence search, open area search, building search and also able to do reliable public demonstrations.

We do not train area protection dogs and do not believe in yard dogs. We can supply many references and testimonies to our Patrol Dog’s level of work and past successes. We have hundreds of print media articles on all of our work.

We do not have trained dogs sitting in kennels waiting to be sold as we believe to match a dog and handler to each other is a very important part of producing quality. We will take orders and then find, raise or train a dog that best suits a handler and their exacting requirements.

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Security Dog Handler Courses

At the end of 2013, Craig and Tracey Murray and their business partners successfully passed their government audit to become a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) - Dogs At Work.  This RTO has been developed to provide nationally recognised Industry training for the Security Industry.  Currently the courses on the Dogs At Work scope for Security Dog Handlers are as follows:

  • CPPSEC3010A Manage dogs for security functions
  • CPPSEC3011A Handle dogs for security patrol                      

These two units of competency are delivered together in a 4 day hands on training course at Logan Central. The course consists of one day theory, and three days on field with handling and training scenarios and of course practical assessments to ensure competency. Please contact rto@dogsatwork.com.au for more information or to book in for this course. This is an accredited training course and will provide  the participant with relevant industry skills to successfully handle and manage their working security patrol dog.

Check out some of the photos from one of our Security Dog Handler courses. You will notice that the handlers have been taken to a large empty warehouse to work real scenarios with their dogs for their practical assessments. We'll ensure you are 'real world ready' when working with your dog!





Head to the Dogs At Work website http://www.dogsatwork.com.au for more information on these courses.   We'd love to work with you and your dog!


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