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DVD - Craig A Murray - International Dog Trainer
Craig has been an authority within the dog world for over 20 years. In this DVD Craig takes the guesswork out of the process of picking the right puppy to match the individual needs of family pet or working dog and provides simple, easy to use tools to help you raise and manage your puppy and build a wonderful relationship. The DVD retails for $30.00 + $3.95 postage.
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Puppy Education Handbook OUT OF STOCK
The Puppy Education Handbook eBook is available to assist you in providing a sound early environment for your young puppy. This online manual contains many trade secrets and tips to help the lay person and trainer alike. Priced at $19.95 per unit, this online manual will become your training bible for a stress free lifestyle with your canine companion. (This product is temporarily unavailable.)
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Training Clicker
These high quality training clickers are durable and robust. They feature stainless clicker tongues. They are great for training tricks, assistance, therapy and many other styles of training and are available for just $5.00 each plus $3.95 postage.
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Training Leads
Our Training Leads are attractive and practical, featuring a solid brass latch and quality leather. Both ends are sewn and feature a plait which further secures the ends of the lead.
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K9 Bridle
Check out the latest in dog training equipment! The K9 Bridle is a revolutionary new concept that uses 4 in 1 pressure point control in a head halter device! No more pulling or uncomfortable walks with your dog!
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Square Station Mat (Small - 45 cm)
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Square Station Mat (Medium - 60 cm)
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Square Station Mat (Large - 83 cm)
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Square Station Mat (XL - 100 cm)
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Square Station Mat (XXL - 115 cm)
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