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The Craig A Murray Dog Training Team

This is a family business that has been established for over 20 years. We started out with a deep love and devotion to dogs and our passion and hobby quickly became a career. Wanting to provide the best possible knowledge and education to pass on to our clients, Craig gained education from the USA in Professional Dog Training, Police and Narcotic Dog training, Man Trailing Bloodhounds, Search and Rescue and Cadaver Recovery dogs and Assistance and Therapy Dogs and training. Due to our commitment and professionalism, we have been utilized as permanent part time lecturers at the Queensland University Veterinary Science School for over 13 years.

We are still currently lecturing for the Animal Ethology Course at the University of Queensland Gatton Campus. We have been retained by one of the largest Asian College Groups as special educators under contract to assist in the training of Japanese dog training, grooming, welfare & veterinary students.

Tracey has spent 5 weeks doing a live-in practicum at a Wolf Research Facility in the United States of America to research the similarities and differences between the wolf and the domestic dog. She has also completed a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and a Certificate III in Security Operations.


Specialist Dog Training Brisbane

We have been contracted by Governments and large corporations to develop world first technology for sniffer dogs and have worked as specialist search dog handlers for five states police services. We have trained police officers and dogs overseas and have won an International Award for Dog Training Excellence in Law Enforcement. We were awarded volunteer of the year award for our services to the Queensland Ambulance Disaster Dog Team development.

We are often called upon to train local government officers and to appear as expert witness in many court cases.  We have also trained the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries Red Imported Fire Ant Detection Dog Team and Electric Ant Detection Dog Team. We are also one of the few trainers that have already gained Certification from the Queensland Government to train Assistance Dogs under the new Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dog Act of 2009. We also have the experience of passing many dogs through Animal Ethics accreditation. With every client we service, they benefit from our vast experience and professionalism regardless of whether it is family pet training or developing new technology and education opportunities.

Team of Dog Trainers

Craig and Tracey have a team of hand-picked, high callabre, ethically minded staff that were chosen for their ability to provide quality, reliable canine correct information and training methodology that has been the hallmark of our business and services for over 20 years. Staff do not get to "buy into" our business as we do not offer the sale of parts of our business as franchises as we believe that ensures us to be in control of the quality of information, services and the staff supplying the required services to our valued clientele.

We are constantly upgrading and developing both our skills and those of our team members and this includes a pathway for them to achieve their dream training objectives. The better we make our team members, the better we are as a business and this only ensures that our clients get the best up to date skills and techniques.

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