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Correctly trained Mantrailing Bloodhounds possess an amazing ability of scent recognition approximately three (3) times more powerful than any other breed of dog.

The Bloodhound has been recognised as the premium tracking dog for several hundred years and there is much documented proof of their unbelievablecapabilities when used in Search and Rescue or Law Enforcement.

Where the scent selective Mantrailing Bloodhound differs from the conventional General Purpose Patrol Dogs are that General Purpose Dogs are trained in many functions eg. Obedience, Handler Protection and Criminal Apprehension, Tracking – usually non scent selective, Evidence Search and often Narcotic Detection or some other Odour Detection such as Explosives or Cadaver. This means these dogs are being utilised in many facets. The scent selective Bloodhound is a Specialist Tracking Dog and is not expected to do too many functions.

The dog only has to specialise in the function that the breed was originally purposely bred for. The dogs are raised from the age of seven (7) weeks with only one function in mind, and then they are purposely trained to utilise their olfactory capabilities.

The Bloodhound can eliminate all other scent contamination and can give you a direction of travel, hence giving valuable information to a search or case.

  • It is possible to quickly tell if a person has or hasn’t been to a suspected location.
  • It is possible to identify persons by their individual odour like a scent fingerprint.

Bloodhounds can trail after thousands of people have been over the track.

We have the ability to track for many kilometres in virgin bushland or urban and commercial environments.

Severe weather conditions such as torrential rain and extremely hot sun do make tracking harder, but not at all impossible Bloodhounds are remarkably better than all other breeds at coping with extremes.

A correctly trained scent selective Bloodhound can easily track persons on a bike or motorcycle or in a motor vehicle.

With the latest available technology, scent evidence can be taken from a crime scene without touching or destroying other forensic material. Any objects touched by humans can be utilised as a scent to start the dog – even spent cartridges out of a firearm.

We can supply many references and testimonies to our specialist detection dogs successes. We have hundreds of print media articles on all of our past work.

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