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Juvenile Puppy School (16 wks - 5.5 mths of age)

Puppy Training BrisbaneJuvenile puppy school bridges the gap between your foundation puppy class and formal obedience classes.  Again the puppy is not quite at the developmental stage for formal obedience so we have formatted a juvenile puppy school where we can continue the learning curve for pups by concentrating on manners and interaction around the home in this three week structured course.

Puppy school is all about building confidence in your puppy which is a great thing but what do you do to keep nice stable behaviour with your confident little pup that feels like it is capable of taking on the world. Some owners struggle with highly exhuberant pups so this class is a must if you are wanting to lift your level of control around the home.  Juvenile puppy school is also a way for us as Trainers to support pet owners by continuing the learning curve that they have undertaken and to lift the owner’s understanding of the different stages that their puppy will go through as it starts to head towards maturity.

In juvenile puppy class we start to ask more from the pups and also start to set more rules around the home such as setting up mental barriers to teach the pup areas that may be off limits to them.  We also teach them not to rush out the gate etc. for safety purposes.  Other training exercises taught are ‘wait’ commands, how to shape nice retrieves with your dog, how to stop your pup jumping up on you or your guests, and mat training where the dog is taught to stay within the boundary of a mat and to make itself calm and comfortable to promote stable behaviour.  This class allows us to have an excellent opportunity to continue down the path to a well behaved, calm and confident dog as it heads into maturity. 


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Elanora - Elanora State School

K P McGrath Drive, Elanora

Instructor: Anthea Holmes

Phone:  5533 8405

Mobile:  0405 125 117


Windaroo - Windaroo Vet 

1 Janine Dr, Bahrs Scrub QLD 4207

Instructor:  Kelly Fitzpatrick

Mobile:  0410 597 684


Redbank Plains

Redbank Plains State High School 

Instructor: Stacey Schilpzand

Mobile: 0401 791 956


Class Day: Saturday Day

Coomera - Coomera State School

Dreamworld Parkway, Coomera

Instructor:  Sarah Cabral

Mobile:  0416 072 724


Ipswich - Ipswich North State School
Cnr of Downs and Fitzgibbon Roads, North Ipswich

Instructor:  Ellie Scholl 

Mobile:  0452 258 227



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