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At the end of 2016, Craig and Tracey Murray finally realised their dream of building a not-for-profit for the assistance dogs that they train and place with disabled handlers.  Make sure you  head over to the Empower Assistance Dogs website and facebook page to check out the training and placement of these special dogs. 

Empower Assistance Dogs also made it through the Queensland Government Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs certification process so we are all extremely proud of this achievement.  Naturally this is a new and exciting time for the team as some of your obedience trainers have also gained their assistance dog certification so you may get to see some of these dogs out and about at our various training classes. 

We welcome any support you may be willing to give whether it be by volunteering in some manner or even helping by donating or event planning etc.  We’re open to suggestions as it’s all about breeding, raising, training and placing these dogs with disabled handlers to enhance quality of life and independence. 


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