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Disaster Dogs - Specialty Dog Training

Whilst much of the training of disaster response dogs is in many ways similar to other search and rescue dogs, we strongly believe that a purposely trained dog will always be a greater benefit than a multi-trained dog. Our disaster response dogs are not cross trained on other job descriptions as we have a policy of remaining focused on saving as many lives as possible. This policy does not allow us to risk precious time on possibly finding anything other than a living casualty.

A cross trained dog always runs the risk of correctly indicating on the inappropriate target source hence wasting precious time of that of the dog and handler and any other rescue or recovery resources utilised in following the indication through to it’s conclusion.

Our dogs are taught to discriminate against human remains, faeces, blood, food, dirty clothing and to only indicate on live trapped or injured victims. All our dogs are highly social animals that are well-adjusted calm and confident workers. They are capable of travelling by any type of vehicle including boat, fixed or rotary wing aircraft, and are capable of being winched or repelling out of helicopters or from most man made or natural structures. All our dogs have been bought up being comfortable travelling in airline approved kennel crates.

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