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Cadaver Dogs - Specialty Dog Training

The cadaver recovery dog is purposely bred, raised and trained to assist in the locating of deceased human’s remains. Our dogs are taught to correctly indicate on freshly dead bodies or bodies that are in a state of decreased decomposition due to environmental factors such as extremely cold conditions including very cold water, ice or snow.

They are also taught to indicate on putrefying remains and post putrefied skeletal remains of those victims whom have been buried or covered or left out in the elements. Soundly trained cadaver recovery dogs should be apt at working all types of environments including multi-casualty disaster sites, urban precincts, industrial areas, rural and bushland or even rainforests or pine forests.

These dogs are comfortable in all types of vehicles and vessels or fixed and rotary winged aircraft. They are also capable of locating human drowning victims under water at great depths in both fresh and salt water or even locating victims hidden in wall and floor cavities and in containers.

Our cadaver recovery dogs have been credited in finding extremely old skeletal remains up to 300 years old in harsh environments. We have gained practical experience in handling cadaver recovery dogs whilst working some 40 cases in 5 States for Police Agencies. (Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania).

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