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Choosing between a group obedience class and a private lesson.

Is a group obedience class better than a private lesson for my dog?

Is your dog an angel at home but turns into an unruly character as soon as you walk out your front door?

Is your lovable furry friend a gem at home but never listens to you when you go out?

Does your four legged friend listen most of the time but sometimes and at the most inconvenient moment have selective hearing?

If you answered yes to the questions above then Group lessons are definitely for you!

Is a private lesson better than a group obedience class for my dog?

If your dog is giving you so much trouble at home that you wouldn't even dream of taking him/her out in public then perhaps a private lesson would be more your flavour.

If your furry friend is a problem child at home but a dream when you take him/her out then again a private lesson would be a better option. 

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Considerations for Putting Dogs and Kids Together

We always hope that a child and dog’s relationship will be of great pleasure and companionship but unfortunately this is increasingly not the case.   So our first consideration should always be the safety of any child who will be around dogs, either their own or other peoples.   

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The Terrible Twos

We all know that ‘terrible two’s’ time when it comes to trying to tame your toddler.  When we think about our dogs, they can also require some ‘taming’ at times.  Just as we all mature at different stages, your dog will be the same. 

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Annual Teaching Trip to Japan

Annual trip to Japan. 

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Groote Eylandt - Cane Toad Detection Dog

Craig and Tracey trained a cane toad detection dog named Edna to work on Groote Eylandt. 

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Recognising Separation Anxiety

The symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs can often manifest as the normal growing pains stage of puppyhood. However, ongoing, escalating ‘bad’ behaviour traits may be indicative of separation anxiety rather than plain poor obedience. 

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Cat Vs. Dog: Can the Two Really Live in Harmony?

When the saying ‘fighting like cats and dogs’ has such vivid imagery, its hard to imagine the two species to living together in harmony. However, with a little forethought, and lots of time it is possible to introduce the two with minimal pain.

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An Active Dog Doesn’t Just Run: Cognitive Training Games

Games that encourage cognative training are just as important as running and socalising in the dog park. Cognitive training games build confidence, develop connection and improve obedience. 

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Dog Training: A Guide to Avoiding Problem Barking

Barking, howling and whining are expressions of voice. Just as our voice is a means of communication, barking, howling, and whining are the tools your dog has to communicate. It is unreasonable to expect to have a silent pooch.

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Dog Park Etiquette: How to Avoid ‘Accidents’

Off leash dog parks are fantastic spaces for dogs and humans-who-love-dogs alike. Unfortunately, however, dog parks are often the scene of too many ‘accidents’. Understanding your dog, having confidence in his training and obedience, and reading the body language of other dogs, will reduce you chance of being involved in unwanted ‘accidents’. 

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Tips for Avoiding Christmas Hazards

Keep you pet safe over the holidays with some key tips to avoiding hazards you may have never thought about. 

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Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Old dogs can definitely learn new tricks. In fact, they are even better then young pups. Unlike pups, older dogs generally have better attention spans and are less likely to get distracted. Obedience training will have you and your pal hitting the footpath, dog parks and dog friendly venues with confidence and camaraderie in no time!

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Training Your Puppy To Use a Dog Door

A dog door for your puppy is like a driver’s license to a teenager. It’s that exciting time when you finally get your independence and freedom. But, since the first steps can be quite daunting, they still need a little guidance to kick them off.

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5 Easy Tricks to Teach Your Puppy

Teaching your pet tricks is not only a great way to entertain your friends and family but also a fun way to ensure your puppies’ obedience. By using a reward system for your puppy when teaching them tricks, they will develop improved listening skills and become more attentive

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How to get your Puppy Well Adjusted to their New Home

Bringing your new puppy home is exciting. Endless hugs, licks and cuteness -what could go wrong?

But for a young dog, the introduction of a new home can be daunting and even scary at times- new smells, new noises, new people and a new routine. It’s the first time your puppy has spent time away from his mother, brothers and sisters, so it’s understandable if it’s a bit hard for your puppy and undoubtedly you too. 

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How you can easily stop your dog from jumping on people

Dogs are social and completely lovable creatures.

If you have a new, tiny puppy, there’s nothing better than coming home to them excitedly jumping all over you.

It’s cute, right?

Eventually your puppy will grow up and their persistent jumping won’t be so endearing. If they grow into even larger dogs, their jumping could perhaps be slightly intimidating to guests or a plain nuisance.

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5 reasons why you should train your dog

Over the years, most people have come to realise the benefits of puppy schools, and that fostering the development of a healthy, sociable and compliant dog is possible with the kind instruction of experienced trainers who have a keen insight into the unique needs of individual breeds.

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How to pick your Puppy School
Training a puppy can be a lot of fun. But if you’re going to end up with a thriving and obedient dog who has a healthy respect for boundaries—and is safe around other people and children—it’s actually a lot of work. 
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The History of the Working Dog

Dogs have been domesticated for roughly 10,000 years, and it could be said that from the start the dog has been under the employment of man. Initially, wolves would follow hunters and feed of their scraps, but over time that developed into the wolves been used to hunt for man. Selective breeding ensured that canines with specific traits were developed.

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The History of Dogs as Pets

In early human existence, the connection between man and any animal was merely that of hunter and prey. Back then, people regarded animals predominantly as a source of food and mainly used their skins for clothing.

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